Pre-eclampsia is not well known. The foundation is teaching general women folk, especially those who are pregnant, as well as nursing mothers about early signs and what to do immediately they notice the signs. Additionally, we are reaching out to married men and healthcare professionals, including caregivers like doulas, midwives etc. training them on how to conduct diagnosis, how to treat patients, and how to care for them.

Social Support

We recognize the critical role of social support in helping survivors of pre-eclampsia recover from the stress caused by the condition. The foundation is congregating a community of pre-eclampsia survivors across the country where they can convene to discuss their challenges and encourage each other in a safe space without stigmatization. We also support families that have gone through infant loss as well as husbands who have lost wives due to pre-eclampsia, especially those from marginalized areas and disadvantaged backgrounds.


Alleviating infant mortality requires constant maternal and reproductive health research to identify risks and develop appropriate measures for mitigation. Zuri Nzilani Foundation is carrying out research studies to establish challenges that women and health professionals face in diagnosing, treating, and caring for patients that have preeclampsia in different parts of the country.


The foundation is ardent on creating profound awareness across strata of society. Additionally, we are advocating for the right to proper maternal healthcare. At the same time, the foundation is also lobbying the government, both the county and the national government to formulate and implement policies geared towards alleviating pre-eclampsia and other pregnancy health complications.