Zuri Nzilani Foundation (ZNF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating pregnant women about hypertensive disorders and other high-risk complications of pregnancy

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What we do

Training . Social Support . Research . Advocacy

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Our Programs

  • The Check! Check! Campaign
  • Zuri Nzilani Membership Program
  • Digital Outreach
  • Media Health Talks
  • Tuwasiliane Health Program
  • Annual Maternal Health Conferences

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Championing better
healthcare for
mother & child
in Africa

Our Goal.

  1. To educate, inform and advise the public and health professionals about the prevalence, nature and risks of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.
  2. To support women who suffer or have suffered pre-eclampsia, and their families.
  3. To campaign for greater awareness and action to improve detection and treatment.
  4. To promote research into the causes of the disease and appropriate screening techniques and treatment methods.
  5. Advocate for longer maternity leave for women who have given birth prematurely.



Social Support




Our Programs

The Check! Check! Campaign

The Check! Check! Campaign, our inaugural special program, is an awareness drive encouraging women to check their blood pressure and urine during their antenatal clinics.

Zuri Nzilani Membership Program

The Membership program aims to provide access to quality maternal health care through offering fully discounted and fully sponsored antenatal, delivery and postnatal care services.

Digital Outreach

As the adoption of digital tools deepens across all levels of society, Zuri Nzilani Foundation is determined to leverage the power of technology to further its cause.

Media Health Talks

Concurrently with the above, the foundation is also tapping into traditional media channels like radio and TV.

Tuwasiliane Health Program

It has become evident to us as a foundation that health care providers and patients often lack communication.

Annual Maternal Health Conferences

There is a need to infuse our current maternal healthcare with new thinking as well as methodologies touching on diagnosis, treatment, and care.


Championing better healthcare for mother and child in Africa


Support Us

  • Production of educational materials.
  • Organizing antenatal care camps for marginalized women in far flung areas.
  • Offer subsidized or free training for healthcare workers.
  • Sponsor Annual Maternal Health Conference to promote knowledge sharing.
  • Conduct monthly sensitization meetings for pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Sponsor medical tests for less the fortunate women suffering from pregnancy complications.
  • Develop maternal health super mobile application.

We established Zuri Nzilani Foundation as a means of creating awareness about hypertensive disorders in pregnancy and other high-risk pregnancy complications, as well as re-energizing the lost voices of survivors.

Undeniably, the challenge is huge, by any measure. Even so, we have taken on the challenge not because we have infinite resources, but for having been touched by the plight of those victims.

We cannot do this by ourselves. We need your help; however small, in whatever form, in whichever way.

Our fundraising program aims to mobilize resources, both financial and non-financial, to fund its various projects, which include supporting survivors who are financially deprived and need urgent intervention.