We established Zuri Nzilani Foundation as a means of creating awareness about hypertensive disorders in pregnancy and other high-risk pregnancy complications, as well as re-energizing the lost voices of survivors. Undeniably, the challenge is huge, by any measure. Even so, we have taken on the challenge not because we have infinite resources, but for having been touched by the plight of those victims.

However, we cannot do this by ourselves. We need your help; however small, in whatever form, in whichever way. Our fundraising program aims to mobilize resources, both financial and non-financial, to fund its various projects, which include supporting survivors who are financially deprived and need urgent intervention.


  • Production of educational materials.
  • Organizing antenatal care camps for marginalized women in far flung areas.
  • Offer subsidized or free training for healthcare workers.
  • Sponsor Annual Maternal Health Conference to promote knowledge sharing.
  • Conduct monthly sensitization meetings for pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Sponsor medical tests for less the fortunate women suffering from pregnancy complications.
  • Develop maternal health super mobile application.